BLUE sits at the centre of the Kujira ecosystem. It’s where KUJI holders stake tokens, claim rewards, delegate to validators, vote on governance and bridge tokens to and from other chains. If you are on Kujira you probably use BLUE every day.

ORCA is where it all started; Kujira’s first product, and a revolutionary approach to liquidating loan collateral. ORCA makes sure everyone gets a piece of the action. Users can bid on ATOM, wETH, wBNB, DOT, LUNA and gPAXG using USK.

FIN is Kujira’s on-chain Decentralised Exchange. This DEX offers limit orders, market swaps and margin trading. FIN also uses a fair distribution method for trades, instead of a First In, First Out model. It looks and feels like a CEX but under the hood it’s anything but.

BOW turbo-charges the trading environment on FIN. Liquidity providers earn a portion of fees from trades, and can earn additional incentives provided by third parties when staking their LP tokens. This improves the trading experience for FIN users and token holders have the means to earn yield by putting their tokens to use.

This is Kujira’s money market. Users can borrow and lend using a variety of financial instruments. GHOST is open to everyone, and creates opportunities to both earn interest and secure short term working capital at competitive rates.

A launchpad built in partnership by Kujira and Fuzion. PILOT uses a unique sale method based on ORCA’s revolutionary bid process. This makes participation equal for all by removing chance and speed from the process. This provides a fair opportunity for all.


Now you can pay, trade, stake and vote right from your phone. But Sonar is so much more than a wallet. This app, built by the Kujira team, can do all the things you would normally do through your browser on a desktop, and a lot more besides.

Black Whale provides a grid bot anyone can use to make automated trades. Users deposit tokens into pools which are used to trade specific pairs, with the profits compounded back into the pools. They offer a selection of trading pairs.

Take the emotion and uncertainty out of buying and selling. Calc users set up regular, disciplined transactions, offering simple and advanced DCA strategies to manage their portfolio. It’s calculated finance anybody can use.

A decentralised P2P marketplace. The Local team is determined to provide a space where to buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens for fiat currency. Users set the price and conduct on and off ramp of funds without requiring an intermediary.

An Over The Counter marketplace where users can create P2P OTC deals using an impartial platform to provide security and safety. Built by the Fuzion team, Plasma can trade any token for any other token, at the price you choose, without impacting the market price.


DLOYAL brings referral marketing to web3. This is a powerful tool allowing businesses to incentivise and reward advocates for bringing on new users and giving marketers a way to track the ROI of their marketing budget.

The Kujirans are an NFT project featuring a collection of creatures from the depths of the sea. Royalties earned through sales on Stargaze are channelled to KUJI stakers. The mint was phase 1, phase 2 is a game using NFTs from the collection as playable characters. A second mint is also in the works.

A team focused on providing tools that improve the user experience. They have built Beacon, an on-chain randomness generator. You can see Entropic’s work in action on The Lucky Reel, an on-chain slots game.

Decentralisation is an important part of cryptocurrency. One of the key ways token holders contribute to the security of a chain is by delegating to validators. The more validators, the more secure the chain. POD helps token stakers quickly and easily delegate to as many, or as few, validators as they like, on any Cosmos chain.

Use the Kujira Finder to search through your transactions, review your history, bookmark important wallets, and confirm token IDs. It’s the go to source for any chain info you may need.


Manta offers tooling and contracts for trading, yield farming, liquidity provision, and asset management. Their UI prioritises user-friendly design for novices but includes features aimed at experienced users. Their goal is contributing to a decentralized financial system on Kujira, empowering individuals to maximize capital efficiency and potential returns on assets.


Blend allows anyone to create a basket of assets and set the rules governing how the basket maintains itself. Blend also allows the controller to choose the type of parameter and the activation frequency. As if that weren’t cool enough, creators can also generate revenue by allowing others to copy their Blends.

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The Kujira ecosystem is continuously growing. This is an overview of all the dApps, protocols, products and services calling Kujira their home blockchain. Web3 is growing rapidly, and this will be regularly updated with new additions.